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High Temperature Heating Elements

Radiative Heating Elements

MP1900™ & MP1850™






SiC NoAge™


Robust Radiator™


Hot Plates/Glow Panels™


Replacement heaters

MHI Furnaces

Other Brand Furnaces

Molybdenum DiSilicide Straight Heating Elements
Molybdenum DiSilicide

Straight Heating Elements

MHI Spiral GAXP Coil and Conical  Heating Elements
Coil and Conical Heating Elements
Spiral Microheaters
Silicon Carbide  Heating Elements
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
Robust Radiator
Robust Radiator
Thermoplate Hot plate
Thermoplate Hot Plate

Molybdenum DiSilicide Bent Heating Elements
Molybdenum DiSilicide

Bent Heating Elements


Set of 12 Straight Microheaters


S12-200 and S24-400

Fiber Heater

Fiber Heater

Microtube heater microheater 500W Multidirectional Tube Furnace
DS Silicon Carbide
MHI Enhanced Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
Robust Radiator
Robust Radiator with Ceramic End Caps

Spiral and Pancake Heating Elements
Molybdenum DiSilicide

Pancake Heating Elements



IR Heater


IR Bulb

GAXP Microheater

GAXP® Microheater

Very Custom Shapes

Custom Heating Elements
Complex Custom Heaters

Furnace Scalable Heating Panel Horizontal Use

URP-V (vertical and upside down use)


URP (Standard flat use)

Heated Wall Glow Panel
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Connectors & Accessories

Heating Element Accessories
Heating Element Accessories

Heating Coil Accessories
Heating Coil Accessories

Ionic, Radiative, Convective and Steam Heating Tools

e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace Heating Elements MVTA Gas Heaters MTA Process Heaters Superheated High Quality Steam Generators Steam Generator Boilers (OAB) MHI High Temperature Furnaces
Zapper Furnace

Over 90% Efficient

Rapid 200K/s Heat-up

Uniform Heat

Silent and Odorless Operation
Six Feet Heating elements length MVTA Heater
Airtorch Gas Heater - MVTA
MTA Airtorch
MTA925-2 2kW
HGA-S-01 Steam Generator

One Atmosphere Boiler OAB Modern energy efficent
Superheated Steam Generators - Boilers - Up to 1300°C

High Temperature Furnaces

Double Walled Stainless Steel Construction
MTA Air Heater
MTA925-12 12kW

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MHI Inc. is an integrated manufacturer of heating elements, heater elements and high temperature tools. We have been awarded numerous patents for our novel, high quality, and durable heating products. Our products speak for themselves.

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Suggested applications include: Furnaces, AC/DC Electromagnetics, Acoustics and Vibrations, Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Electrolytic Processes, Bioscience and Bioengineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electromagnetic Heating, Geophysics and Geomechanics, Tool Bits, Coatings,, Hardfacing, Shrink Label and Shrink Wrap, On Rigs Syeam, Heat Transfer and Phase Change, MEMS and Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Multiphysics, Optics, Photonics and Semiconductors, Optimization and Inverse Methods, Simulations, Particle Tracing, Piezoelectric Devices, Plasma Physics, RF and Microwave Engineering, Simulation Methods and Teaching, Research projects, Structural Mechanics and Thermal Stresses, Subsurface and Porous Media Flow, Transport Phenomena, ovens, heaters, replacement heaters. high flux heaters.

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