One atmosphere plasma beam systems are quiet unique devices that deliver strong, plasma beams for an infinitely broad range of applications.  Several applications are perfected specially those for melting and heat treating aluminum with the new quiet plasmas.


    1. Melting of materials as high as 3000°C in air.
    2. Aluminum Dross Reduction and Oxide Reduction Applications.
    3. High temperature brazing and smaller to bigger size joints.
    4. Heat treatment of metals and alloys including hardening and tempering of steels.
    5. Plasma cleaning of surfaces of plastics, ceramics, metals, alloys, and surgical tools.
    6. Semiconductor gas abatement.
    7. Etching.
    8. Deposition.
    9. Miniature size incineration.
    10. Shape modification.

Resources (not product information). Please contact authors directly with questions. Linked only for information:

  1. Energy Savings, Environmental Benefit and Increased Productivity
  2. Heat Transfer Enhancement
  3. Technical Article for Aluminum Processing (Enhancement of Heat Transfer Due to Plasma Flow in Material Processing Applications)
  4. Basic Principle

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