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    Box Furnace - M-Series

    M-Series Box Furnace
    Box Furnace with Swivel Door
    m-series high temperature box furnace
    Closed Box Furnace
    x-PAN electronic furnace controller
    X-PAN Control Panel


    Box & Muffle Furnace Features

    MHI M-Series Box Furnaces feature our largest internal dimensions for box and muffle furnaces. This, combined with high operating temperatures, makes the M-Series a great choice for many users.

    M, N, H and Z Series Features
    Safety 3-arm horizontal swivel door keeps the hot face away from the user.
    Non-Sag NanoFracralAlunina™ Roof Holders allow for large spans.
    Plug & Play operation.
    Stainless steel construction. Thickest gauge used in the industry.
    Forced air fan cooling. Double wall construction.
    3 layers of refractory. FiberFree™.  High Safety.
    Easy-open twist latch.
    Manufacturer warranty.
    Box design keeps exterior surface temperature 50°C or less.
    Purge gas option available.

    Useful Information

    What kind of uniformity do MHI furnaces offer?

    What kind of energy efficiency do MHI furnaces offer?

    M-Series Box Furnaces feature Molybdenum DiSilicide heating elements.


    Now Offering Furnaces with GAXP.

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    Box and Muffle Furnace Models

    All MHI box and muffle furnaces feature rugged stainless steel construction, electronic controls capabilities and MHI's highly acclaimed heating elements. Our furnaces feature maximum operating temperatures of 1800°C and continuous operating temperatures of up to 1760°C. See the tables below to determine which model is best suited for your application.

    M-Series Box Furnace Models
    Model Number Temperature Chamber Size
    M14 1400°C
    (2552°F Max)
    12"H x 12"W x 16"D
    M18-40 Up to 1760°C
    (1800°C/3272°F Max)
    12"H x 12"W x 16"D
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    Other Size Box Furnaces
    Model Number Temperature Chamber Size
    Z18-40 Up to 1760°C
    (1800°C/3272°F Max)
    6"H x 5"W x 6"D
    H14-GAXP 1400°C
    (2552°F Max)
    8"H x 7"W x 8"D
    H18-40 Up to 1760°C
    (1800°C/3272°F Max)
    8"H x 7"W x 8"D


    (Limited Quantity)

    Up to 1760°C
    (1800°C/3272°F Max)
    12"H x 12"W x 13"D

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    Furnace Applications

    MHI's high performing furnaces are built to endure the use and abuse of many different applications. Our furnaces have seen use in small scale laboratory environments all the way to industrial production facilities. Contact Us to see which furnace is best for your application.

    M-Series Suggested Uses
    Industrial Furnace Metal Melting Furnace
    Heat Treating Aluminum Heat Treatment Furnace
    Melting Furnace Heat Treating Furnace
    Sintering Furnace Melting Aluminum
    Debinding Furnace Annealing Furnace
    Tempering Furnace High Temperature Oven
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    Furnace Controls

    MHI offers electronic controllers with features such as overtemperature controls and programmable steps. In addition to standard electronic controls, MHI DACS allows for remote furnace locations, data logging and intricate step programming.

    MHI Furnace Controls
    Many of MHI's electronic furnace controllers feature multiple voltage inputs, overtemperature controls, programmable cycles and a number of other features. For more information about MHI's control panels, Contact Us or See More Information.
    HI-PAN Control Panel
    Request Information about Furnace Controls

    MHI Data Acquisition and Control Software (MHI DACS)
    MHI Tube Furnaces are compatible with MHI DACS for furnace controls, step programming, data logging and more. DACS also allows for remote furnace control, allowing one central location to control multiple devices.
    MHI DACS Software
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    Other Box Furnace Models

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    Furnace Accessories

    Furnace Accessories

    MHI now offers a variety of accessories to be used with our furnaces. Common accessories are clips, braided wire, hangers and other useful tools. To view these accessories, visit MHI Element Accessories or BuyMHI.

    Other Box Furnace Models

    Z Series | H Series | N Series | M Series

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